FIFA 19: The Ultimate Team


FIFA19 has been released a while back and maybe you have already tested the new gameplay modes but most of you are still thinking about how to make that Ultimate dream team.

Where do you find good and competitive players without spending a fortune? We took a look at the statistics and show some of the results here.

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HP Pavilion Gaming 15


Recently we reviewed the new HP omen 15 gaming laptop and today we are taking a look at the more traditional line up from HP: The Pavilion series. This laptop is normally designed for everyday use but now it has been given an infusion with gaming blood. So let’s take a look at the Pavilion gaming laptop.

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Lenovo Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 dock


Cablemanagement. Always annoying to do, but oh so satisfying once it’s finished. My computer setup at work is a laptop hooked up to too many peripherals and thus a madness of cables. Especially when I move somewhere with my laptop. I’ve got to unplug every single screen, headphone, keyboard, mouse, … Which is a real pain in the ass. On top of that I had peripherals I couldn’t even attach because I lacked the ports for it!
Will this docking station from Lenovo save me from the hardware struggle I’m in right now? Or is it just an overpriced black brick that will be sitting on my desk unused. Let’s find out.

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Nokia 6.1 – The Budget King



Dudu du du, dudu du du, dudu du du, duuu.

The ringtone of probably the most notorious mobile phone to ever exist: the Nokia 3310. Back when mobile phones ruled the world of telecommunication, Nokia was reigning the industry with an annual budget larger than even that of the Finnish government! However, at the time the smartphone industry really exploded after 2006, Nokia experienced one of its biggest declines in the company’s history. Nokia luckily managed to safe itself by shifting their focus away from the smartphones and leaving the production of Nokia branded smartphones to HMD Global.

Is this the comeback from Nokia? And will it reclaim its spot in the phone industry? Let’s find out, in this Nokia 6.1 review. Continue reading

Logitech MX Vertical


The latest addition to the Logitech family, the MX Vertical. We have seen a similar design with the MX ergo which had a pivot stand which had two options: flat or 20 deg angle for better ergonomics. Today we take a look at this new ergonomic mouse and if it really is better for your wrist. Continue reading

Samsung Gear S3


A while ago my interest in smartwatches was spiked again so in that regard I asked Samsung for their Gear S3 so here it is. We will take a look into all the features of the Gear S3, compare it with the predecessor and go over the things why you (don’t) need a smartwatch today.

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