Nokia 6.1 – The Budget King



Dudu du du, dudu du du, dudu du du, duuu.

The ringtone of probably the most notorious mobile phone to ever exist: the Nokia 3310. Back when mobile phones ruled the world of telecommunication, Nokia was reigning the industry with an annual budget larger than even that of the Finnish government! However, at the time the smartphone industry really exploded after 2006, Nokia experienced one of its biggest declines in the company’s history. Nokia luckily managed to safe itself by shifting their focus away from the smartphones and leaving the production of Nokia branded smartphones to HMD Global.

Is this the comeback from Nokia? And will it reclaim its spot in the phone industry? Let’s find out, in this Nokia 6.1 review. Continue reading


Logitech MX Vertical


The latest addition to the Logitech family, the MX Vertical. We have seen a similar design with the MX ergo which had a pivot stand which had two options: flat or 20 deg angle for better ergonomics. Today we take a look at this new ergonomic mouse and if it really is better for your wrist. Continue reading

Samsung Gear S3


A while ago my interest in smartwatches was spiked again so in that regard I asked Samsung for their Gear S3 so here it is. We will take a look into all the features of the Gear S3, compare it with the predecessor and go over the things why you (don’t) need a smartwatch today.

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Logitech PRO gaming headset


The first Logitech headset which received the “PRO” tag and which was designed by and for (pro) gamers. So this headset aims for the top in the gaming section on PC as well as on consoles so is this headset only intended for professional players or can we “scrubs” also enjoy the sound of this new headset? Continue reading

Fritz!Powerline 1220E


We are using too much Wi-Fi! When checking my Wi-Fi connected devices, I found that we (2 persons) are using ± 10 devices at home that are connected to the Wi-Fi. Because of this the internet speed is going down for everyone and people start complaining (mainly me). In this regard I wanted to check out a powerline adapter to relieve the burden on my Wi-Fi and because I really enjoyed reviewing the Fritz!Box so I chose for the Fritz!Powerline. Continue reading

Omen 15 gaming laptop


The Omen series of HP is well known amongst gamers I presume as they have a wide range of laptops and desktops in different price ranges. The Omen 15-ce014nb is a 15,6-inch laptop with (again) some pretty nice hardware inside. Let’s find out if this Omen laptop is an improvement on the previous version I reviewed.  Continue reading