HP Mindframe


I was contacted by HP to test their newest headset, the HP Mindframe. This headset is designed with comfort in mind so of course we are interested in testing this new headphone so let’s jump right into the review.

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Sonos Beam


Recently we reviewed the Samsung HW-N650 soundbar and discussed whether it is useful to have a soundbar or not. Today we will take a look at the Beam, the soundbar from Sonos. At first glance, it looks very promising.

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Razer Softminer

The most recent cryptocurrency boom period is mostly dead after Bitcoin and its contemporaries saw a massive dive in value over the second half of 2018. Casual miners either abandoned or cut back on mining operations and hardware acquisition, allowing the GPU market to settle after a year of hyperinflation. Even if one were to have sufficient hardware available, the additional cost in electricity makes cryptomining untenable at the moment. Where most would see a dead end, Razer sees opportunity. The PC gaming peripheral and hardware maker has just introduced its new crypto-mining software, dubbed SoftMiner, that it intends for end users to run in return for the company’s Razer Silver digital currency.

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Lenovo Thinkpad Thunderbolt 3 dock


Cablemanagement. Always annoying to do, but oh so satisfying once it’s finished. My computer setup at work is a laptop hooked up to too many peripherals and thus a madness of cables. Especially when I move somewhere with my laptop. I’ve got to unplug every single screen, headphone, keyboard, mouse, … Which is a real pain in the ass. On top of that I had peripherals I couldn’t even attach because I lacked the ports for it!
Will this docking station from Lenovo save me from the hardware struggle I’m in right now? Or is it just an overpriced black brick that will be sitting on my desk unused. Let’s find out.

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